Sunday, July 1, 2007

Prayer Points | Praying for Our Communities

If you've ever walked into a church before, chances are there was a map of the world with pictures of various missionaries whom the church body had supported in their activities. This is a wonderful idea, but it neglects the reality that each and every one of us is sent by the church, our faith community, to be a sign of God's Kingdom in the places we are each and every day. We are called to authentically live as children of God, bringing compassion, justice, love, mercy, tenderness and grace to the places we are - at home, at work, on the sports field, in the coffee shop, at the grocery store, wherever.

So, here is our "prayer points" map! Any ideas for a better name? If you click on the image above, or go here, a map of Toronto will open up with various red circles scattered throughout the city. As TILT, we gather together on Sunday evening, but for the rest of the week, we are the scattered community of TILT. This map gives us an opportunity to pray for one another in the places we are throughout the week. Not only that, but to pray for the communities, places of work, schools, etc. themselves. Pray that we would reveal the goodness and graciousness of God wherever the people of TILT are as we live out the values of God's Kingdom. For a picture of what God's Kingdom is like, check out Psalm 145 here, (or any other number of biblical passages, stories, especially the life of Jesus!).

We would like as many people involved and represented on this map as possible. If you aren't yet on it, please check out this form here and email a response to or give it to anyone on leadership at the next TILT gathering. If your information is out of date, please send updates to the same email!

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